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Division Profile

FENC is the leading producer of polyester and related products in Asia and also one of the largest producers of polyester polymer and PET resin in the world

FENC is the leading producer of polyester and related products in Asia and also one of the largest producers of polyester polymer and PET resin in the world. FENC has achieved a high level of vertical integration with an emphasis on the production of upstream products. FENC intends to emphasize and expand production of more technologically advanced, higher margin products such as SSP products (PET resin) and other specialty textiles that incorporate microfibers, HDI yarns, and PTT yarns.

Capacity (Last Updated: 2015.5.15)

Main Products Unit 2013 Total Production Capacity
Polyester Chip MT 1,954,000
Solid-State Polymer (SSP) MT 1,392,000
PET Bottle Preform Thousand pieces 3,336,000
PET Sheet MT 106,800
Polyester Staple Fiber MT 486,000
PET Film MT 20,160
Pre-oriented Yarn MT 143,410
Drawn Textured Yarn MT 45,028

Staple Fiber SBU Division

Established in 1970, Staple Fiber SBU is one of the earliest departments in Far Eastern New Century Corporation. Staple fiber SBU expends along with the economic developments in Taiwan. The products also adapt to the markets change, from the early stage of wearable fiber spinning to polyester staple fiber for non-woven application. In recent years, fiber production is focusing in the fields of medical, hygiene, and environmental protection. In the early days, polyester was the only material used for production; nowadays, materials such as Nylon,PP,PE and PLA, the special environmental protection material, all can be used for production. In addition, fiber production structure has been changed from single to multiple material combinations for different types of applications. Most of the current production lines are capable to produce compound fibers.

Staple Fiber SBU has more than 300 different types of products, whose applications can be categorized into “spinning”, “non-woven” and “stuff” staple fibers. “Non-woven” is for Dry-Laid, Wet-Laid & Air-Laid Padding, Needle punch, Stitch punch, Spunlace, Chemical bond & Thermal bond processes. We have produced products for medical, hygiene, environmental protection, agriculture, car, filter and electronic parts industries, etc.

Filament SBU Division

Filament SBU is originally established in 1970, after 35 years operating, developing and transforming, this division is currently subdivided into POY and HDI teams. And producing POY, DTY and HDI respectively. 

Following the dramatic market change in recent years, Filament SBU focuses on creating values and segmenting markets to maintain competitive advantages. Transformation has been started since 10 years ago, not only by entering industrial fabric market but also by upgrading products from general specification to specialization in functional and eco products.

Filament SBU currently produces more than 150 types of products, mainly for textile use or industrial use. Industrial use products can be further divided into nano woven, industrial fabrics, rope, filter, geotextile etc. Textile use products contain successfully developed micro fiber, and functional eco fiber type such as TopgreenTM polyester recycled filament, quick-dry fiber, anti-bacteria fiber, far infrared fiber, UV-cut fiber, fine hollow warmmax health related fiber, and flame retardant fiber. The products above have been actively promoting in both domestic and overseas markets with positive feedbacks.

Solid State Polyester Division

Solid State Polyester DivisionSSP(Solid State Polymerization) department of FENC(Far Eastern Textile Limited) is the third largest polyester producer in the world, and possesses the biggest PET manufacturing factory in Asia. With  worldwide base of operations, excellent product quality, and reasonable price, FENC SSP department is an expert group responsible for the production and research of bottle resins, plate resins, high viscosity resins, preforms, plates and bottles.

With various production lines for different capacities and complete research and quality control system, the SSP department is famous for its distinguishing feature of satisfying the demands from different customers perfectly. In addition, because of the integrations of expertise from material research to the final management of requirements from customers in SSP department, all clients can easily find their anxious services here.

Recently, in order to fulfill the corporate responsibility on protecting environment and ensuring health for the ultimate customers, SSP department focuses on the research relative to the environmental protection. This active research has created advance progress such as the developments of resins for the purposes of energy savings,  anti-antimony catalyst, low AA, low migration and fast crystallization rate. The policy of environmental protection will govern the types of plastic produced in the near future, and the SSP department has well prepared to be the leading group in the business of polyester manufacturing.