Smart Garment System

DynaFeed is a revolutionary smart garment system that seamlessly connects the textile and digital worlds. By combining advanced biosensor technology solutions with FENC innovated ultra-thin conductive carbon nanotubes polymer film, DynaFeed empowers athletes by providing a more precise interface between the body’s physiology and digital devices/applications. This allows for more accurate real-time data that can be used to optimize training and performance.


  • FENC unveiled DynaFeed. (Read More)
  • DynaFeed won ISPO Gold Award 2016. (Read More)

    Smart Textile Technology

    DynaFeed provides high durability that enhances wash cycles and resistance to chemical oxidizers by more than 500%. The cutting edge textile technology eliminates environmental and physiological concerns associated with current heavy metal technologies, while vastly reducing the smart garment manufacturing processes.

    Fitness Tracking System

    Developed in partnership between FENC and NeuroSky, a global leading company in EEG and ECG technology, DynaFeed's state-of-the-art biosensing system can measure users biosignal with high accuracy and enhance their performance. Highly conductive polymer film also provides a simple and unique solution to track users' movement and activity level.

    Wearable IoT Platform

    By weaving together connectivity and comfortability, DynaFeed creates an on-body platform upon which diverse devices and applications can work, alone or together, to help people acknowledge and improve their performance.


    DynaFeed’s smart garment solution can not only automatically track people’s biosignal and workout effort across diverse exercises: weight lifting, cycling, interval training…, but also provide real-time guidance to enhance efficiency and avoid injuries: weight-lifting tempo, transition time, cycling cadence…



    • Automatically track the training progress and monitor the physical state.
    • Continuously enhance workout efficiency and improve performance.
    • Prevent training injuries and overload.


    • Improve cost effectiveness and time to market
    • Create durable, sustainable and reliable products for diverse applications.
    • Engage customer and create powerful experience across different segments: weight training, cardio workout, wellness management…



    Far Eastern Textile, found in 1949, is now entering its 7th year of transformation under the new name of Far Eastern New Century Corporation. FENC has innovative and diversified businesses ranging from its production business, to property development & investments. We are fully vertically integrated from upstream petrochemical business through to polyester business, all the way down to textile business. Bringing our expertises, experiences, know-how and authority of execution to seamlessly deliver completed novel science & technology research through to that very first [BUY READY], provides B2B total solution. Learn more at

    R&D Center

    Hoping to increase the company’s energy for sustainable management, we integrate research resources and core specialties of related domestic industries, develop bio-based raw material for PET and aim on the green energy/bio-material industry with most potential in future markets. Far Eastern Group R&D Centre is established to not only encourage and focus on innovation, but also further improve FENC core competence and create new values to achieve greater accomplishments and future success.


    NeuroSky is at the forefront of body and mind monitoring and analysis. Its technologies are at the core of innovative, wearable health and wellness consumer products. NeuroSky makes it possible for millions of consumers to capture and quantify critical health and wellness data so that they can effectively manage their mind and body health. NeuroSky delivers uniquely adaptable chips and algorithms that offer ECG multi-function cardio monitoring, and quantitive and interpretive algorithms in a powerful integrated, adaptable and extensible solution. NeuroSky was founded in 2006, and is headquartered in San Jose, California with offices in Asia and Europe. Learn more at


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