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FENC implements ESG, cultivating talents and building sustainable value

For over 70 years, FENC has been devoting itself to the development of the Taiwanese market while expanding worldwide business operations in China, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and the U.S. It is now the global leader in the polyester and textile material industries. Three decades ago, FENC had the foresight to begin its endeavor in the recycling industry, laying the groundwork that made the Company the world’s largest producer of recycled ocean polyester filament and second largest rPET supplier. The Company’s wide product offerings cater to all facets in life, including food, clothing, household goods and transportation with an emphasis on the sustainability of environment, society and governance. Aside from broadening its diverse green product lineups, this sustainable mindset is also extended to talent cultivation, which aims to build FENC into a benchmark enterprise.

While the COVID-19 pandemic rages across the world, FENC focuses on ensuring safety at workplaces. With localized pandemic control and supporting measures in place for its considerable number of worldwide business sites, FENC has demonstrated resilience during this trying time. In addition to split operations with remote working and working from home, FENC employees take advantage of the employee health care system to report personal and family health conditions while receiving the latest pandemic control updates from the Company. For the nearly 400 expat employees, FENC provides pandemic control kits and offers subsidies for those who have to undergo home quarantine. Gift certificates are also presented to their family members to express the Company’s deepest gratitude.

When it comes to investments in human capital and incubation strategies for its nearly 25,000 employees around the world, FENC believes in constructing a strong base in Taiwan with a global outlook. By establishing the international talent pool, FENC satisfies its needs during global expansion, fosters an international job rotation system to avoid talent gaps and cultivates top professionals of international caliber.

In the employee engagement survey conducted in 2021, 86.8% of the nearly 3,000 employees who took the survey expressed satisfaction towards FENC, a 2.4% jump since 2017. Among the survey respondents, 91% take pride in working at FENC and 87% would be very willing to promote FENC’s employer brand. The Company has robust systems in place regarding talent cultivation, remuneration, employee welfare and human rights. At the end of 2021, FENC went one step further, establishing Speak Up Policy to solicit internal and external feedbacks to make FENC an even better company to work for.

FENC believes in matching the right person with the right job and helping employees realize their full potential. The Company values its own talents, offering an array of promotion tracks and opportunities. Meanwhile, FENC shares its profits in the form of employee bonuses. It is FENC that stands to gain from investing in employees, who will in turn inspire corporate growth with their exceptional performance.

FENC is widely recognized for its long-term devotion to corporate social responsibility and talent cultivation. After receiving HR Asia Best Companies to Work For In Asia 2021, and the Company won the honor again in 2022, during which FENC was also presented with 4 major awards from Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) and accolades from Asia-Pacific Sustainability Action Awards (APSAA). These recognitions are testimony to and encouragement for FENC’s efforts. The Company also joined the CommonWealth Magazine’s initiative, TALENT, in Taiwan, partnering with over 100 corporations in the pledge to promote sustainable talent index. Looking ahead, FENC will continue on its path to growth and excellence, walking alongside its employees towards a flourishing future.

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