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U Ming Marine Transport : Douglas Hsu won the top 100 HBR Taiwan enterprise leaders for four consecutive years
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The 2022 Harvard Business Review (HBr) global traditional Chinese version of the "top 100 Taiwanese business leaders" was released. On August 31, the award presentation ceremony was held at the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei. Far Eastern Group Douglas Hsu led Far Eastern New Century Corporation, Asia Cement Corporation, U-Ming marine transport and far EasTone telecommunications to create outstanding performance, and won four leader awards, which were received by the presidents of each company.

Since 2016, HBr has published the list of Taiwan's top 100 enterprise leaders every two years, and this year it has entered its fourth term. The selection method is to select the top 300 companies by market value from all listed companies in Taiwan, and then select the leaders of each company. Different from previous years, this year's ESG index is included for the first time, and it is comprehensively ranked based on financial performance and ESG effectiveness. In addition to the "market value growth amount during the term of office" and the "cumulative total shareholder return rate during the term of office" (TSR) of the previous three terms, the financial structure also includes the average quarterly earnings per share (EPS) of the leader from the quarter when he took office to the first quarter of 2022.

It is worth mentioning that Douglas Hsu not only won the top 100 leaders for four consecutive times, but also won four awards this year. Among them, U-Ming marine transport's rate of return is as high as 1329%, ranking third in the total shareholder's rate of return project. In addition, of this year's 100 enterprises, only 8 enterprises have obtained the "excellent" grade in ESG projects. Far EasTone telecommunications has been actively implementing ESG initiatives in recent years. It has not only set up a "hand in hand sustainable vanguard" to help Taiwan's agencies and groups that lack resources, but also improved the shortage of medical resources in rural areas through 5g technology. Therefore, it has been rated as "excellent" in ESG projects.

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