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FENC won the German iF Design Double Award
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Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC) has achieved significant recognition for its innovative products of ThermalSyncZoneTech and TOPGREEN® Bio3. Out of 10,807 entries from 72 countries were evaluated by a panel of top design experts and emerged as winners of the prestigious German iF Design Award on April 30th. Notably, only 8 textiles received this honor this year, representing a mere 0.07% of the award-winning works.

As the world’s sole supplier of eco-friendly knitwear products to receive this accolade, FENC has underscored its exceptional contributions to sustainable fashion. One of its standout innovations, FENC® ThermalSync ZoneTech, utilizes waste gas recovery yarn and the exclusive petal cross-section yarn TOPCOOL® Petal as raw materials. This technology, featuring unique thermal synchronization zones, creates a fabric capable of automatically regulating body temperature in response to human climate changes. Coupled with innovative circular breathable holes, the fabric efficiently absorbs heat, maintains body temperature, and ensures dryness. This exemplary design has garnered well-deserved recognition from the award’s reviewers.

Inspired by the 2024 Paris Olympics, FENC® TOPGREEN® Bio3 utilizes waste gas recycling yarn and dope-dyeing technology, combined with a special 3D weaving technique to create shimmering textures that mimic the movement of flags in the air. This design, symbolizing the theme "Road to Sustainability, Road to Paris," reflects FENC's commitment to supporting athletes at the Paris Olympics with functional fabrics while advancing sustainability in textiles. This innovative approach was recognized by the judges, earning it a prestigious iF Design Award.

This accolade not only acknowledges FENC's R&D Center but also highlights the company's excellence in pioneering technologies and green materials within an integrated supply chain. By leveraging international awards, the company aims to reinforce its image of "innovation and sustainability," enhance the green supply chain, and produce high-quality performance fabrics that bolster customer trust and loyalty, ensuring its sustainable textile products continue to shine on the global stage.

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