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T-Park achieves sustainability development by integrating smart technology.
From:FE Magazine 2020/09

At the end of the 20th century, scientific and technological progress developed rapidly at the cost of environment. However, the drastic changes in the global environment have deeply affected the public life and promoted the awareness of environmental protection. Tpark aims to become an ICT R & D innovation platform to promote Taiwan's next wave of economic development, take into account environmental sustainability, and improve the quality of life of the people.

Rewrite urban hydrology in the downtown area

From busy Sichuan Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, to the straight and spacious Yuandong road, it seems as if you have entered the back garden of the city, and all the noise is blocked out by the thick green.

When you come to Tpark, it's easy to be deeply attracted by the ecological environment here. Since the early stage of park planning, the project team has set up pervious pavement and permeable zone to reduce the tropical island effect based on the concept of "sponge city". In addition, the project team also allocated environmental wind corridors, optimized the amount of sunshine in the indoor space, combined with renewable energy (solar energy and rainwater collection), river rehabilitation and water cycle design of the north and south parks, which not only increase biodiversity, but also equip the park with the functions of water storage and flood detention by using aquatic plants in the constructed wetland to filter water quality, making it the first park in Taiwan to obtain LEED Campus certification.

The TPKC FET cloud computing center and TPKD R & D office building, which were completed last year, also inherited the environmentally-friendly DNA of the park. In addition to planting a variety of trees around the building, shrubs and flowers are also designed to create a rich ecological environment. Both of the two buildings have won the "diamond grade" award of Taiwan's highest grade green building. The TPKD R & D office building has been affirmed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and LEED-CS gold standard certification, showing the Far Eastern Group’s innovative concept and determination to protect natural ecology.

Work together to build a smarter building

With multiple green building certification, as the core area of intelligent science and technology industry in New Taipei, the buildings of Tpark naturally need to be "smart". The existing three office buildings adopt advanced curtain walls and mechanical and electrical systems to reduce the overall energy consumption. The "TPKA R & D building" serves as the role of the park management and response center. It uses the Internet of things (IOT) to connect the intelligent monitoring, security system and mechanical and electrical systems of all buildings in the park to effectively integrate human scheduling and resource efficiency. The TPKC FET cloud computing center is the masterpiece of Far Eastern Group and FET.

1、 Energy saving of intelligent environmental control is 100%

The project team has introduced a number of intelligent mechanical and electronic products. For example, the "intelligent external air system" can automatically detect the temperature. When the external air temperature of the building is lower than 17 ° C, it will automatically introduce external air to balance the temperature and humidity of the environment; the " wind wall air conditioning system " can automatically detect the air flow, provide high-efficiency remote air supply, solve the hot spots in the server room, and even centralize the hot return air to avoid the loss of mixed air and reduce the air conditioning power consumption in an all-round way. In addition, FET, which has the core technology of information and communication technology, has established the exclusive energy management data model according to the multiple field data sources such as stores, offices, data rooms, etc., by the internal technical experts who are most familiar with the operation demand establish and then develop the energy management platform with learning ability through AI intelligent calculation, so as to present the real-time status of various indicators of power, air conditioning, air environment, water supply and drainage with visual dashboard, and conduct dynamic intelligent control. Meanwhile, it is also in line with international standards such as SO50001、OPEN ADR 2.0. In addition to saving 50% manpower for report processing, it also visualizes the benefits of power saving.

Moreover, FET also designed the monitoring system of building energy flow direction to effectively master the order of the use of equipment, carbon emission and energy consumption percentage, and the equipment is equipped with vibration analysis, flow analysis, voltage, current, temperature, humidity and other sensing devices. Through machine learning, the equipment can give an alarm or complete repair in advance before the equipment produces unexpected vibration or unexpected breakdown.

On the other hand, the project team uses BIM to provide complete building and asset information, and further integrates the information of the intelligent property management platform, so as to improve the communication efficiency between users and managers, and facilitate the maintenance personnel to effectively monitor, maintain, alarm and respond to emergency operations.

2、 Intelligent security management is more efficient

In addition to achieving intelligent low-carbon operation through active intelligent management and control, TPKC FET Cloud Computing Center office building has also made innovative breakthroughs in intelligent security. FET develops its own "e-visitor" app and "e-data room" app, which can be matched with smart counters. Visitors can register in the app, and then go to the "check-in machine" in the hall on the 1F after arrival, and enter the control area above 1F through face recognition system. It is worth mentioning that the system can not only effectively control the visitor information, count the number of people on each floor in real time, but also have the function of face tracking, which can continuously track and warn people when they go in and out abnormally, and maintain the safety of personnel and data.

Giants gather to boost exposure from Taiwan

The most important element of smart building is "people". From the beginning of the planning, the Far Eastern Group construction and management team and FET team have made great efforts to develop an integrated intelligent architecture that matches with the three value of smart building / intelligent workplace / agile culture experience by using the technologies of AI, IOT, cloud and data analytics to meet the needs of building maintenance managers and users. The fact also proves that TPKC FET cloud computing center is indeed a collection of intelligent computing, intelligent perception, intelligent monitoring, intelligent control, intelligent interaction, green and environmental protection and energy conservation. It is worthy of its reputation to be awarded the "2019 third Taiwan excellent smart green building and system product award - Platinum Award for excellent smart green building design".

As Amazon, Ericsson, and Synology and other leading manufactures in information and communication technology and services have moved into TPKA R & D building, FET took over TPKC cloud computing center, technology giant Google is about to move into TPKA R & D building as well. TPKC has gradually accumulated energy for R & D and innovation. In the future, we believe that we can gather more resources from manufacturers who are committed to R & D of information and communication, intelligent application, cloud big data analysis, ICT industry, Internet of things (IOT) and other manufacturers to jointly promote the upgrading of Taiwan's industry!

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